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Karen wins Actors Fund Auction and has lunch with author Carol Higgins Clark in NYC

This past November, Karen Kondazian won the Actors Fund Auction prize. The Actors Fund is a national human services organization that helps professionals in the performing arts and entertainment in times of need, crisis or transition.

Karen won a luncheon with NY Times best-selling suspense author, Carol Higgins Clark, daughter of the great NY Times best-selling suspense writer Mary Higgins Clark. The luncheon took place at the iconic Sardi’s Restaurant in NYC, where most opening Broadway shows celebrate while awaiting their reviews.

Photo: Standing: Carol Higgins Clark, Lyle Kessler,

Sitting: Karen Kondazian, Nadine Schramm & Margaret Ladd  on November 17, 2011. 

Lyle Kessler is an American playwright, screenwriter and actor, best known internationally for Orphans, the play he wrote in 1983.

Margaret Ladd is an American actress, best known for playing Emma Channing in Falcon Crest in the 1980’s throughout its nine-year run. She is married to Lyle Kessler.


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