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Karen Kondazian and Louis L’Amour: A Review



When the Going Gets Tough


Katherine Hauswirth


Besides meeting kindred spirits, one of the nicest things about this column is the access to books of all kinds from publishers and publicists. These perks include genres that don’t usually draw me, and I surprised myself when I signed on to read the novel The Whip. Normally reading “a piece of the “Old West” in a cover blurb would have me passing on the book. But this one had a hook.

 Charley Parkhurst, when she was alive, was known far and wide as a brave and highly skilled stagecoach driver. Women didn’t drive stagecoaches, you say? Well, she lived most of her life as a man; it was only after her death that Charley’s gender was discovered, to the incredulous surprise of the “tough guys” who (thought they) knew “him.”

 Author Karen Kondazian found a gem when she found Charley’s story, and she’s done a good job polishing and embellishing it. There isn’t a lot of verifiable information about Charley’s life, and Kondazian discloses up front that she’s made up some historical details. It is a novel, after all. But the draw of the story, for me, was that it was based on someone who must have had one heck of an adventure, whether or not the novel gets the particulars exactly right.

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Praise from Barnes & Noble for Karen Kondazian

Store Manager Recommends The Whip


Booksellers from ’round the globe have received this lovely letter from Barnes & Noble store manager Danyel Lund in St. George, UT. The Barnes & Noble at Red Cliffs Mall played host to Karen and many of her fans for a book signing earlier this month.

Thanks Danyel!



Jim Beaver Quote on “The Whip”


Star of HBO’s Deadwood and author of Life’s That Way.


Jim Beaver

“I pretty much owe my career to Karen Kondazian. She championed and produced my play VERDIGRIS, which led to my being signed by a giant agency and subsequently to my career writing and acting in television and films. For years I’ve been hearing about this astonishing true story she was turning into a novel, and finally it’s out. It’s an amazing tale about a strong, passionate and determined woman, a real-life heroine who lived her life as one tough hombre — one tough *male* hombre — in the Old West.”

“Please get yourself a copy. It’s a wonderful read.”

– Jim Beaver


Jim Beaver's Book "Life's that Way"


Buy Jim Beaver’s book Life’s That Way at Amazon.com.